integration with tickets system

A ticket system is a tool used by businesses and organisations to track and manage customer inquiries and requests for support. Ticket systems can be used to track a wide range of issues, including technical problems, product or service inquiries, and billing or account issues. They can also be used to track requests for information or assistance

ticket system benefits

A ticket system is a valuable tool for businesses and organisations that want to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency by providing a centralized and streamlined way to manage inquiries and requests

infinite ticket area

ebot allows businesses to create an unlimited number of ticket areas, allowing them to categorize and route tickets to the appropriate team member or department

great UX interface

ebot ticket management system has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for customers to submit tickets and track their status online

email confirmation

ebot can send email confirmation to customers when their ticket is submitted and when it is resolved, helping to keep them informed and improving customer satisfaction

ebot is a powerful tool that can streamline your operations, improve your customer satisfaction, and achieve your goals – faster, more efficiently and with less overhead cost

why use ebot?

reasons to use AI smart chatbots today to boost your productivity and efficiency

ebots for hospitality

help your businesses handle customers more efficiently

ebots for education

improve your customer service quality and efficiency

ebots for consultancy

provides 24/7 consultancy services to worldwide clients

ebots for construction

improve efficiency, reduce cost and save time

ebots for services

engage with customers quicker and more efficiently

ebots for wellness

provide more consistent wellness services

ebots for trade

helping businesses to reach wider range of customers

ebots for health care

faster healthcare service and more consistent diagnosis