ebot in public sector

Our ebot can support governmental bodies and public services by providing a variety of chatbot solutions that can assist with a wide range of tasks such as how to apply for a passport or where to find information about taxes or how to apply for housing application. Additionally, ebot can be used to automate the process of scheduling appointments, such as for driver’s license renewals or other services. ebot can also be used to assist with the collection of data and the processing of forms, helping to streamline government operations and improve the efficiency of public services

nurse ebot


doctor ebot


notable features

  • $multilingual
  • $available 24/7
  • $trainable with technical knowledge
  • $complete confidential
  • $complete objective answers
  • $precide and always update to date
  • $consistent service

consultant ebot

Our ebot can be used in healthcare is by providing a virtual triage service. Patients can use the chatbot to answer a series of questions about their symptoms, which will then help the chatbot determine the best course of action. Patients can use the ebot to ask questions about their condition, treatment options, or to schedule follow-up appointments. Additionally, ebot could be used to provide patients with educational materials about their condition, treatment options, and how to manage their symptoms.

notable features

  • $available 24/7
  • $multilingual
  • $adopt bot persona
  • $train with medical knowledge
  • $efficient data collection
  • $precise data processing

assistant nurse ebot

Our ebot nurse assistant chatbot solution can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare professionals in a hospital or clinic setting. With the ability to understand and respond to natural language input, ebot can assist nurses and doctors in quickly and easily collecting and finding relevant information about patients. This can include medical history, current symptoms, and any relevant lab results or diagnostic imaging.

notable features

  • $available 24/7
  • $ready to use medical database
  • $trainable with up to date information
  • $process data accurately
  • $completely confidential
  • $assist with daily works

assistant doctor ebot

Our ebot doctor assistant chatbot is designed to support doctors in their daily tasks by providing accurate and up-to-date information about patients. The chatbot can assist with diagnosis by analysing symptoms and providing suggestions based on a database of known conditions. It can also help doctors write prescriptions and record patient data more efficiently. Our chatbot can also check patient data and provide relevant information quickly. This can help doctors make more informed decisions and provide better care for their patients.

notable features

  • $available 24/7
  • $integrate with technical knowledge
  • $streamline operation
  • $increase efficiency
  • $greater accuracy
  • $integrate into internal system
  • $keeping data confidential

administration ebot

Our ebot can be used as an administrator chatbot in the healthcare sector to support everyday operations and improve efficiency. Examples of tasks as followed: scheduling appointments, process payment and billing, recording and retrieving medical record, handling prescription and general customer service. With ebot, healthcare providers can improve the speed and efficiency of their operations while also providing better service to their patients.

notable features

  • $available 24/7
  • $train with all possible medical data
  • $increase efficiency
  • $greater accuracy
  • $unlimited knowledge database
  • $up to date medial knowledge
  • $unbiased assessment
  • $give all possible scenerios
  • $connect consultants with greater database

specialist ebot

Our ebot medical specialist chatbot solution can be a powerful tool for healthcare consultants. By being trained with top specialist knowledge, it can assist in a wide range of diagnosis and symptoms spotting. Our chatbot can provide quick and accurate information to healthcare professionals, allowing them to make more informed decisions and provide better care for their patients. It can also be used to assist with record keeping, providing prescriptions, and checking patient data against a constantly updated symptoms database. With its ability to access and process large amounts of data, ebot medical specialist chatbot can help healthcare professionals to save time, increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

notable features

  • $available 24/7
  • $streamline operation
  • $increase efficiency
  • $promote more open management
  • $collect feedback to improve work environment
  • $unbiased administration and operation decisions

management ebot

Our ebot management chatbot solution can assist healthcare organisations in streamlining their daily operations and improving cross-department data transfer. By providing fast and efficient information sharing, ebot can help healthcare staff work more seamlessly and effectively, resulting in a better working environment for all. With its ability to integrate with various systems and databases, ebot can help healthcare organisations to make better use of their data and improve patient experience.

adopt bot persona

a bot persona is the personality and character that a chatbot presents to users when interacting with them. It is an important aspect of chatbot design, as it helps to establish a clear and consistent tone and style for the chatbot’s responses. A well-crafted bot persona can help to build trust and credibility with users, and make the chatbot more engaging and effective.

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