The following actions give the chatbot the ability to interact with the website autonomously on behalf of the user. To use an action go to Dialogflow, edit an Intent, and add a new Custom Payload response with the following syntax: { "ACTION-NAME": ACTION-VALUE }.

Action codeDescription
{ "human-takeover": true }Disable the chatbot for 5 minutes, notify agents, and leave the conversation marked as unread.
{ "disable-bot": true }Disable the chatbot for 5 minutes.
{ "redirect": "URL" }Redirect the user to the given URL. Add the value "new-window": true to open the URL in a new window.
{ "open-article": ID }Open the article with the given ID.
{ "transcript": true }Generate the conversation transcript as a text file and download it. Set it to email to send the transcript to the user’s email, add the value message: "Your message" to include a message in the email.
{ "department": ID }Change or set the conversation department and notify the agents.
{ "agent": ID }Change or set the agent assigned to the conversation and notify the agent.
{ "send-email": { "recipient": "active_user", "message": "", "attachments": [] } }Send an email to the active user or agents. Attachments syntax: [["name", "link"], ["name", "link"], ...]}. Recipient value can be active_user or agents.
{ "update-user": true }Tells the admin area to update the user of the active conversation. Use this action in combination with other actions to update the user details of the admin area in real-time.
{ "archive-chat": true }Archive the chat and send the close message if active.
{ "update-user-details": { "email": "", "last_name": "", "first_name": "", "extra": { "phone": ["+123456789", "Phone"] }}}Update the details of the active user. You can update all details, including first_name, last_name, email, user_type, password You can update the user extra details, like the phone number, by entering the values into the extra key, the values must use the following syntax: "slug": [value, "label"]. To upload an Intent go to the Intents area and click the 3-dots menu icon on the top-right, then click Upload Intent. Start the conversation by sending the message "start".