WhatsApp shop

To displays the products of your shop use the merge fields below.

Merge fieldDescription
{catalog id="123" product_id="123" body="" footer=""}Display a single product. Replace id with the catalog ID and product_id with a product ID. The attributes body and footer are optional.
{catalog id="123" product_id_1_1="123" product_id_1_2="123" product_id_2_1="123" section_1="" section_2="" header="" body="" footer=""}Display multiple products. Replace id with the catalog ID. Add products by grouping them into sections, via the attributes product_id_[A]_[B], replace [A] with the section index, starting from 1, replace [B] with the product index, starting from 1 for each section. You must also add the attribute section_[A]="" for each section, replace [A] with the section index. The attributes header and body are required, footer is optional.

When the user sends the order, the order information is sent to the URL specified in Settings > WhatsApp > Order webhook. The page at that URL should process the order and send a message to the user via the PHP API function sb_whatsapp_send_message().