Messenger Information

If you don’t receive Instagram messages make sure to enable Settings > Privacy > Messages > Connected tools - Allow access from your Instagram mobile app. Also, make sure your Instagram account is not setup as a professional account, it must be a business account.

Every EBOT365 user has only 1 Facebook and Instagram conversation.

EBOT365 rich messages are automatically converted to Facebook rich messages when possible, some part of the rich message could be removed or changed.

Only private Facebook messages will get sent to your team inbox. If someone posts a Facebook message on your wall it won’t appear in your team inbox.

When someone sends a message to your company Facebook page or Instagram account they will get designated as a lead in EBOT365. You’ll only be able to see the user’s Facebook or Instagram name and profile picture.

Messenger conversations and messages are compatible with routing and queue.

Dialogflow is supported for Facebook and Instagram, including the following features: Human takeover, EBOT365 rich messages, language detection and chatbot language switcher.

Follow-up message is supported, but the delay setting is ignored, the message is sent instantly.

Offline message is supported, but the timetable is not sent.

Only 1 Facebook account can be synchronised, to link pages from multiple Facebook accounts, the account synchronised in EBOT365 must be an admin of all Facebook pages of the other Facebook accounts.