WeChat Information

If you receive an error like {"errcode":41001,"errmsg":"access_token missing rid: 631111-470b3b22-48553870"} you need to whitelist your server IP address from Official Account > Settings and Development > Basic Configuration > IP whitelist.

WeChat files and location attachments are not supported and are not received by EBOT365

Links are not supported in WeChat, they are converted to texts.

EBOT365 rich messages are automatically converted to WeChat rich messages when possible, otherwise they are removed from the message.

WeChat conversations and messages are compatible with routing and queue.

Dialogflow is supported, including the following features: Human takeover, EBOT365 rich messages, language detection and chatbot language switcher.

Follow-up message is supported, but the delay setting is ignored, the message is sent instantly.

Offline message is supported, but the timetable is not sent.