Text Editor

The text editor of the admin area and automated messages (example: welcome and subscribe messages) can be used to create stylised messages:

Links formatting — All text links are automatically converted to clickable hyperlinks.
Text formatting — The editor also supports text formatting syntax:
To make text bold, surround it with *: *your text*.
To make text italic, surround it with __: __your text__.
To make text strikethrough, surround it with ~: ~your text~.
To insert a single-line code comment, surround it with `: `your text`.
To insert a code block, surround it with ```: ```your text```.
HTML and other code languages — For security reasons, no HTML, JavaScript (JS), or other code languages are permitted. However, you can use HTML snippets by utilizing custom rich messages (discussed below).
To insert a line break into a message, use the keyboard combination SHIFT + ENTER or CTRL + ENTER.

Merge fields

Merge fields are strings replaced by external values when used. Merge fields can be used in any message or automated message, including chatbot messages.

{user_name} Full name of the active user

{user_email} Email of the active user

{agent_name} Full name of the active agent

{agent_email} Email of the active agent