Display articles

The articles can be shown in the chat dashboard by enabling them from the Settings > Chat area.

The articles can be shown in a dedicated page by inserting the code <script>var SB_ARTICLES_PAGE = true;</script> into any page showing the chat. To set the location of the articles area Enter the code <div id="sb-articles" class="sb-loading"></div>. If you’re using the WordPress version you can use the shortcode [sb-articles].

Alternatively, articles can be shared via the rich message shortcode, [articles].

More information

Translate the categories from Settings > Translations by adding the translation name and its translation.

If you use categories, only the articles assigned to a category are displayed.

If there is at least one translated article in the user’s language, only the translated articles are displayed.

Articles are synchronized automatically with the Dialogflow knowledge base if the Dialogflow app is installed.

You can create an internal chat link to an article with the button rich message.

You can create external article links with the URL attribute article=ID, replace ID with the article ID