Departments give you the power to distribute conversations and assign various agents to specific departments. For example, you can create a department entitled “Sales” and assign specific conversations to that department. To start using departments, follow the steps below:

Go to Settings > Miscellaneous and add your required departments. After saving, reload the page.

Go to Users > Agents and edit an agent, you will see a new field where you can set the department of the agent.

Reload the page and you’re done! In the Conversations area, you will now see an option to set the department.


Display in dashboard Displays the departments’ list in the chat dashboard and force users to choose a department before starting a conversation.

Display images Displays the department image instead of the department color.

Label Replace the label Departments (plural) with another text. The name is displayed in the admin and tickets area.

Label single Replace the label Department (singular) with another text. The name is displayed in the admin and tickets area.

Dashboard title Set the title of the chat dashboard list. Default: Departments.

How it works

Agents and admins can only access conversations, users, and agents that have been assigned to their specific department.

When an agent is assigned to a new department, an email notification is sent to all of the agents assigned to the new department.

The General department is global and gives agents access to all of the conversations within all departments. Also, all agents without a department are automatically assigned to the General department.

Admins with no assigned department always see the conversations of all departments.

The chatbot can assign a department to the active conversation via dialogflow actions.

How to assign a department

You can assign a department to a conversation in several ways:

Via Settings > Miscellaneous > Departments settings > Display in dashboard. This setting will force the user to choose a department when starting a new conversation.

Via Settings > Automations > More.