When the routing is activated via Settings > Miscellaneous > Routing, EBOT365 automatically assigns the users conversations to all available agents proportionately


Conversations are assigned to online agents first. If all agents are offline, conversations are assigned proportionally between all agents.

Conversations are assigned to agents with less active conversations. A conversation is active if it’s not deleted, or archived. If routing is active, you should archive the conversations once completed.

Admins are not included; admins always see all the conversations.

Agents can switch their status between online and offline by hovering over their profile image and then clicking the label of the profile pop-up at the bottom-left of the admin area.

Agents can view only their conversations; however, they can see all of the conversations of a single user.

Agents can search and filter only their conversations.

The routing is compatible with the departments.

When routing is active agents can manually route conversations to other agents from the right panel of the conversations area.

If the conversation is archived and the user reopens it in the future by sending a new message, if the assigned agent in the conversation is offline, the conversation is assigned to another agent.