Office Hours

You can set the office hours timetable from Settings > Miscellaneous. Office hours are used for:

Automatically displaying the timetable and a message when a user sends a message during out-of-office hours or if all agents are offline. To enable this feature set up the Offline message at Settings > Messages > Offline Message. The offline message is sent to the same user maximum 1 time per hour.

Disabling and hiding the chat during out-of-office hours.

Disabling the Dialogflow chatbot during regular office hours and enabling it during out-of-office hours.

More information

Blank values in the timetable settings are considered out-of-office hours.

The office hours are in UTC format. Your UTC is generated automatically when you click the field Settings > Miscellaneous > UTF offset. To manually get the UTC offset of your area, go to: or and copy the offset (e.g. for UTC −12:00, enter -12). Only integers are accepted. If your offset is not an integer (e.g. UTC -12:30 or UTC -12:45), try searching for an alternative UTC offset. If you can’t find an integer offset, you will need to manually adjust the times in the office hours table to fix the gap.

The date and time format of the timetable matchs automatically the one used in the country of the browser language of the user.

The offline message is not sent automatically if Settings > Dialogflow > Human takeover is active. When the Dialogflow human takeover option is active, the offline message is sent only on human takeover.

The offline message is not sent is you’re using the Slack app and you or any other agent is online via Slack.